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You may recall that I posted an image back in March that I posted an image from a wedding I covered with my brother-in-law, well, here is another shot from the same weeding, this time a more relaxed and candid shot I feel.  Just after the ceremony the bride had time to relax and speak with her family and friends, I feel this is one of the best moments to capture the subject, relaxed, natural and relieved that all the hard work is over and she can enjoy the rest of her day.

I remember the same feeling just after I got married, however I had to give a speech (that was not as relaxing lol) later that day so I still had that in the back of my mind.

I’m sure I mentioned this in my previous post but I just found the whole experience so rewarding and am aching to do more, don’t get me wrong it was tireing and I was exhausted at the end of the day but just knowing that the images captured are going to form a memory of the bride and grooms special for them to enjoy, it simply blows me away.  Couple that together with the fact that they thought that my photography was good enough for them, just a proud moment, and I hope I can build upon it and take it forward to another wedding or portrait shoot.


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Blickling Hall

The Great Hall

As I explained in my previous post earlier today I spent a week in Norfolk recently, a beautiful place, especially  Blickling (above) that we visited on the Thursday, the day before we left.

You would not believe the history in this building, both inside and out it was a joy to see and to shoot (have a look at my flickr page for more images), the gardens where extraordinary and the plant and wildlife it held was stunning.  It was one of those places you could explore for hours and hours and still find more and more, it was made even more special by the fact that I had my wife and family there, beautiful.

I don’t know about you but I normally shoot at around f2 so this was a big deal for me, f9!!!!! But it was so worth it and one that I have reserved for my blog only, I haven’t uploaded it to flickr and don’t think I will, I think there are enough of my shots up there already from Norfolk and ofcourse Blickling.  And just before you start going crazy, 2 posts in 1 day, I know, it’s extreme lol, I thought it was about time to upload more than just one per month, mission accomplished I would say.



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I recently spent some time away in Norfolk, not a place I would normally visit (the area is beautiful and so are the people) because of the distance, however I am so glad that I did.  I was with my wife and some other family members, I am incredibly lucky that my wife likes my photography and really supports me as does the rest of my family.  They don’t mind if I spend a couple of hours shooting when we go out for the day, which is handy as I take my new D7000 with me wherever I go lol.

Whilst staying down there we were offered the chance to photograph some wildlife, birds mainly, Buzzards, a Falcon and this beautiful large Owl, out of all the birds there this was by far the most majestic, the calmest and a handsome creature (if that’s possible, ermmmmmm, yes).

I took no time at all in pulling out my trusted 50mm lens and began to shoot, paying close attention to the eyes in particular.  A very good friend once told me that the eyes are the most important when shooting, ensure they are sharp, that there is plenty of light and reflection if possible and also to get good clarity.  I suppose that these are basic rules but rules that should be adhered to as they produce the best results and I am so happy at how this shot turned out.  I did think about removing my sister in law from the background but felt it made a bigger statement leaving her in there.  So here I am giving you a part of my journey to listen to and hopefully enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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The Wedding

I was recent lucky enough to accompany a good friend, Megha Duta, on a wedding shoot, now this was only his second shoot and my first ‘real’ shoot.  I learned so so much about my camera, it’s limitations and what it excelled at.  I also learned more about my skills as a photographer and more about the technical side of shooting.

I will be the first to admit that this is perhaps not the sharpest of images but I like the pose and the bride was completely comfortable in front of the camera.  I would really love any feedback on this as I really enjoyed the day and the experience of shooting a wedding, especially as I wasn’t the lead photographer, so I had more freedom and less pressure.  I think I could get used to doing them however, everyone (almost everyone) loved being in front of the camera and there is also the incidental shots that just make me smile, those guests just being themselves and not even aware of me being in the room.  I find this is the best time to take them as you get them at their most relaxed.

I have many more shots that I took that day and would love to share them all, but for now this will have to do.


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Be My Valentine


Ok, so we all know that Valentines day is just commercialism gone mad, another way for us to spend our hard earned cash on cards and gifts, although I don’t disagree, I think that this year is different (for me anyway).  It should be a time to celebrate the one that your with and a time to reflect, it doesn’t have to be about gifts and spending money, it just sets aside a day that you can show someone how much you care.

But you shouldn’t have to only show you care once a year!!!!!!  I totally agree, but we are so busy with life and work that we don’t always set time aside, quality time.  This is what Valentines means to me, it hasn’t meant this in previous years but this year is different, it’s special and it means a lot.

I hope you all had a great day and spent time with friends, family and loved ones

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Take 5


As you may have seen on my flickr stream I have recently done another portrait shoot (I have mainly done child photography up until now) and it went really well.  A very different shoot than I am normally used to, by that I mean I was shooting with lighting as appose to available light and I was also shooting between f6 and f7, very unusual for me as I love shallow DOF (who doesn’t, lol), anyhoo, this is what the client wanted and this is exactly what she got.

When I had finally processed the shots and presented them too her she was really pleased, but surprisingly, she loved the more intimate, close up shots, rather than the one above.  I say surprisingly not because they were better or worse but just because she was so critical of herself in the shots that she preferred the close up ones where ‘less of her’ was on show.  I learned a valuable lesson here, to shoot at varies F-Stops (thank you Megha Duta) and also it would have been a good idea to show her some of my work beforehand rather than her just see 1 or 2 shots from a previous client, lesson learned.  Having said all that she wants a further shoot doing now (which I am thrilled about :-)) with more intimate head shots, which I can not wait to do as this is where I am most comfortable, but I loved working on this small project and it has taught me some valuable lessons that I will use in my other projects.

The shot above was taken partly posed but also partly off guard, I think it conveys a lot of emotion and apprehension and also a little vulnerability, after all, this was her first time in front of the lens, but I am really glad to say that it won’t be her last.


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100% Arabica

My first post since 2011, so much has gone on and I have been so so very busy, but, I am back, and hopefully for good.  I have neglected this blog for too long now and I really need to keep it up to date, not just for me but for my sanity, I really want 2012 to be all about my photography (for me at least), I want to make something more than just images on a screen.  That is what inspired this image, I woke up on New Years day and thought, I need a fresh start, I need to focus more, and that focus appeared as my two passions, photography and coffee lol.

The reason why this was so significant for me was because it was my first upload since November 2011 and also my first upload in 2012, but more importantly it symbolised my awakening back into photography and my ‘freshness’ (is that even a word, spellcheck says it is lmao) with my photography.  I want to tackle subjects that I never thought about before and also challenge myself to be a better photographer.  Some of my recent uploads on Flickr have shown this and I hope that you have all looked at them at least.  My journey continues and I believe it is endless, every time I take a shot that I am really pleased with it just pushes me to improve on that.  I suppose you can say the same about a lot of things but as this is my passion I am loving the journey, and long may it continue for me and all of us with a passion in our lives


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